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4 Common Oral Issues That Dentists Can Prevent

August 24, 2023

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Like most, you probably look after your smile at home. You might even be diligent in your daily brushing and flossing habits. Still, your efforts alone won’t keep your mouth clean and healthy. You need a dentist’s help to avoid many common oral health issues. Otherwise, your teeth and gums will suffer and make everyday life difficult. Your Long Island City practice will happily explain if you want to learn more. To that end, here are four common oral health problems and how dentists prevent them.


Cavities – also known as tooth decay – are the most common dental ailment in the U.S. Put simply, they’re tiny holes in your teeth caused by bad oral hygiene and poor eating. As these latter habits persist, acids accumulate that slowly erode your enamel.

Luckily enough, you can avoid cavities by seeing your dentist. They’ll remove harmful plaque from your mouth before the holes develop. That way, bacterial acids won’t be able to wear down your enamel.

Bad Breath

Bad breath (i.e., halitosis) is a notoriously common problem. Furthermore, studies say a dental condition is to blame in 85% of cases. These might include tongue bacteria, dry mouth, or a gum infection.

As it happens, dentists are great at helping you avoid bad breath. For example, they can provide medicated mouthwash that treats dry mouth – one of the potential causes. A dental team could also remove smelly germs from your tongue and other mouth tissues.

Gum Disease

Another typical oral issue, gum disease is a severe infection of your gum tissue. Most cases of it are caused by gumline plaque irritating your mouth. From there, you can develop a mild inflammation (gingivitis) that advances to a more severe stage (periodontitis).

Naturally, dentists also have the power to prevent gum disease. You just need to see them regularly for dental checkups and cleanings. Through these periodic visits, they’ll stop the plaque buildup that triggers infections. The checkups will also let them notice early gum disease signs and keep them from worsening.

Oral Cancer

Cancer of the lips, throat, and other mouth parts isn’t rare. In fact, various factors make it the 13th most common kind worldwide. These elements range from genetics (men get oral cancer more than women) and environment to lifestyle habits like alcohol and tobacco use.

Fortunately, dentists are experts at catching oral cancer early. They often screen for the condition during their six-month checkups and cleanings. Consequently, attending these visits significantly reduces the risk of severe oral cancer.

As you can see, common oral health issues do a lot of damage. Therefore, try to prevent them by visiting your dentist often!

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