Gum Disease Treatment in Long Island City

man looking at his phoneAre you one of over 80% of Americans who suffer from some stage of periodontal disease? Also known as gum disease, this condition is one of the leading losses of teeth today.It’s even been linked to common health problems like strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. If you’ve noticed your gums bleeding or excessive tenderness in the mouth, please don’t hesitate to contact our Long Island City dental team for the skilled help and personalized attention you need. If, after a thorough evaluation, we determine that you’re suffering from periodontal disease, we can provide more frequent hygiene appointments or a procedure known as scaling and root planning that cleans all the way down to the tooth roots. Helping you regain a healthy, confident smile smoothly is our top priority!

Scaling and Root Planning

Periodontal (gum) disease progresses as the pocket between the tooth and gums get irritated by plaque, bacteria, and calculus (tartar). As this debris collects, sometimes deep in the pocket of the tooth, it becomes difficult for you to maintain proper cleaning of this area on your own. Dentists and dental hygienists have the ability to perform a “deep cleaning” or scaling and root planning of these hard to reach areas, which prevents the progression of the disease.

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes patients’ teeth have deep fillings and decay that go slightly below the gingival margin (gumline). In order to properly restore these teeth, often a procedure called “crown lengthening” is performed in order to expose more of the crown of a tooth. We can surgically expose more of the crown of the tooth by slightly lowering the supporting bone to allow the dentist to gain adequate access for restoring the tooth to ideal health.