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5 Dangers of Getting Bargain Dental Implants

May 22, 2021

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Are you looking to replace your missing teeth? Dental implants are one of the most advanced and efficient options when it comes to replacing teeth. There are so many different benefits of this procedure, including the fact that they prevent jawbone deterioration, are long lasting, and don’t require eating restrictions once they completely heal. However, if you choose discounted dental implants, you could end up with serious problems. Read on to learn about the dangers of getting dental implants for cheap.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

When you are trying to find snacks or beverages, you may be searching for the best deal that you can find. However, this isn’t a smart idea when it comes to choosing dental implants. When you pick a dentist, you are putting your oral health and overall wellbeing into their hands. You shouldn’t look for a “deal.” Instead, you want to have the highest quality materials considering that they are going to be surgically placed into your jawbone.

Osseointegration Failure

Quality implants are typically made from titanium. This is a biocompatible material, so your implants fuse to the jawbone in a process known as “osseointegration.” The implants replace the missing roots of the teeth in order to provide additional stability for your crowns that are placed on the end. However, if you choose implants that are made from a cheaper material or you pick a dentist that isn’t skilled, you are much more likely to experience a dental implant failure.


This issue is also known as inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia. This is an irritation that can develop as a result of poorly fitting dental implants. Swelling and excess tissue around the affected area are common symptoms. The only way that this can be treated is through surgery.

Injuring Surrounding Teeth

If dental implants aren’t placed right, your surrounding teeth can become damaged. If dental implants are placed along an improper axis or a dentist uses implants that are too large, the surrounding teeth could suffer. This usually happens when a dentist doesn’t properly evaluate all the details of your dental history.

You Could End Up Spending More

The initial cost of bargain implants may be low, but your wallet will suffer when you experience complications as a result. Having additional treatments done or dealing with a dental implant failure can run up the bill quite a bit.

Dental implants may be the best tooth replacement option out there, but not if you cut corners. Quality implants are an investment, but you are putting them into the future of your smile!

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