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Need a Root Canal? A Dentist in Long Island City Explains Why!

June 17, 2018

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X-ray showing an infected toothYou’ve probably heard the expression, “It will get worse before it gets better.” In some ways, those words could be applied to needing a root canal. After all, it’s bad enough to have a toothache, but then being told you need a root canal can feel like the situation has gone from bad to worse! But even though a root canal sounds terrible, it’s actually much easier than you would expect. Not to mention that a dentist in Long Island City only recommends one so they can save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. But even if root canals are easier and more beneficial than you thought, why do you need one in the first place, when sometimes just a filling or crown is enough? Keep reading to find out!


Missing Teeth? Dental Implants in Long Island City to the Rescue!

June 9, 2018

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dental implant abutment and tools Have you been living with missing teeth and desire to be fully restored? Your local dentist says the best way to go about achieving this is with dental implants in Long Island City. As you read on, you’ll learn how the process works and why it’s the best option for a total restoration.


Learn More About the Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Long Island City

May 24, 2018

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woman smilingWhen you think of visiting a dentist, you should think of comfort, positive experiences—even feeling right at home. If you don’t you haven’t visited a dentist that offers laser dentistry in Long Island City. This modern technology will change how you view visiting the dentist, how it feels to get your treatments and procedures, and even opens doors for you to receive more precise dental care. Learn more about laser dentistry and how you may be able to benefit from it in this week’s blog post!


When Should We See a Children’s Dentist in Long Island City?

May 14, 2018

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child dental visitJust as your child’s first steps and first words are important, so is their first dental visit. The very first dental visit marks the beginning of a great oral healthy journey from infant, to adolescent, teen, and even as an adult!

You might be thinking, “They’re just baby teeth…they will fall out eventually.” But in reality, it’s important to start taking care of their little smiles early on. Learn more about when you should bring your little one to see their children’s dentist in Long Island City here in this week’s blog post.


Which is Best: Invisalign in Long Island City Vs. Braces?

April 3, 2018

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clear alignersIf there was a way for you to close the gap between your teeth without brackets and wires, wouldn’t you want to try it out? To some patients, anything is better than having their appearance blemished by metal in their mouth.

If you’re the type of person that values their mature appearance but also wants to straighten their smile, Invisalign in Long Island City may be the best orthodontic option for you. Learn more about the system and why people are choosing it over traditional braces in this week’s blog post!


The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

April 2, 2018

Man receiving oral cancer screeningOral cancer claims one life an hour in the US alone, making it deadlier than other forms of the disease like lung and breast cancer. Still, not as many people know about oral cancer. With a diagnosis in the earlier stages, doctors believe they may be able to reduce the numbers of annual oral cancer related deaths. That’s why April has been deemed oral cancer awareness month. If more people know about oral cancer, the warning signs, and how to receive an earlier diagnosis, we may see improvement in the prognosis related to this disease. Six month preventive dental checkups offer the best opportunity to receive regular oral cancer screenings.

What’s the Cost of Dental Implants in Long Island City?

March 5, 2018

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middle aged couple embracing in the parkDental implants in Long Island City offer something different than other options in tooth replacement. They rebuild your missing tooth/teeth from the root up to provide a sturdier, longer-lasting method of completing your smile. Of course, this procedure is also considerably more complex than other treatments, which means dental implants come at a higher cost. The total price of your dental implant procedure will vary based on several factors — but whatever it is, know that dental implants are well worth the investment.


Dentist in Long Beach City Asks About Your Flossing Habits

March 4, 2018

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woman dental visitJust because you brush your teeth everyday doesn’t mean that your mouth is clean. In fact, if you skip flossing, you could be missing up to 35% of your tooth’s surface! Can you imagine how much plaque, bacteria, and lingering food that stays in your mouth each night when you forget to—or avoid—flossing?

If you don’t have great flossing habits, this post may change your mind about it. Learn more about why this quick part of your dental hygiene is emphasized so much by your dentist in Long Island City in this week’s blog.


Your Dentist in Long Island Links Heart and Gum Health Together

February 6, 2018

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A scientist conducting research.Over the past decade, doctors and dentists have more reason to believe that your oral health is indicative of other aspects of your overall health. In fact, the health of your gums can directly impact your risk for far more serious health conditions, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

And the evidence keeps coming in. As more research continues, scientists have discovered a link between periodontal disease and heart disease. Luckily, medical professionals can become better equipped to catch and treat early signs of heart disease based on the health of your gums. Keep reading to learn the connection as told by your dentist in Long Island City.


The New Year – A Perfect Time to Visit Your Dentist of Long Island City

January 2, 2018

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white board red ink resolutionWhen you think of the new year what thoughts come to mind? Do you imagine yourself accomplishing goal after goal, and standing back to admire your achievements? If so, your dentist of Long Island City is offering a helping hand in fulfilling your desire to experience that coveted sense of accomplishment. He suggests that you think outside the box with your goals and consider something simple that may be overlooked – improving your oral health. Yes, this should be one of the top goals on your list this year, and as you continue reading you’ll learn why.


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